how to run JTS3ServerMod on Windows Server Core?

Started by nmbrg, September 27, 2021, 11:37:39 AM

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When i try to run JTS3ServerMod on my Windows Server 2019 Core server. i get a message saying:
"This application requires a Java Runtime Enviroment 1.7.0"

If i add it as a windows service i instead get this error message when trying to start the service:
"A system error has occured. System Error 1067 has occured. The process terminated unexpectedly."

i installed Java RE Version 8 Update 301 (the offline .exe) with using this guide:

any suggestions on what is wrong, missing or what i could do to get it up and running?

EDIT: saw that i placed this in the wrong forum section, so you can movie it to the right section if you want, and sorry for that.


Never tested it on a Windows Server Core, but as long as the Java Runtime is working, it should run.
What happens, if you enter "java -version" in your cmd.exe?

PS: Sorry for the late answer, my forum didn't sent me a notification about this post.


Couldn't get it to work. So I just installed the FOD package in windows core so I could do a regular (GUI) install in Java RE. Then it worked.
So I guess I either did something wrong when CLI-intalling Java RE, or Java RE really doesn't like to be installed using CLI.


Okay. I know on Linux the JTS3ServerMod is also running with the headless Java Runtime on a Linux installation without X Server / GUI. But as far as I know there is no headless Runtime for Windows. Maybe there are some inofficial tricks to get it running, I don't know.