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General Discussions / Re: Error innactive channel
« Last post by Stefan1200 on January 09, 2020, 06:13:34 AM »

Now I had time to test it. I see no difference between [*cspacer0]ᵒ and [*spacer0]ᵒ
My guess: That c character is not needed. Just remove it and the JTS3ServerMod detect it as a spacer.
Vocaluxe ist ein Singspiel inspiriert durch SingStar™ und Ultrastar Deluxe. Vollständig kompatibel zu Song Dateien von UltraStar.

Seit die original Entwickler von Vocaluxe die Entwicklung pausiert haben, habe ich einen eigenen Fork vom originalen release-0.4.1 branch erstellt, da ich diese Version bevorzuge. Diesen Fork nutze ich, um neue Funktionen einzubauen, die ich benötige oder in der Lage bin einzubauen.

GitHub Seite:
Download und Changelog:

Meine Binärdateien benötigen Windows 10 x64. Wenn was anderes benötigt wird, bitte den Sourcecode herunterladen und mit Visual Studio kompilieren.
Vocaluxe is an open source singing game inspired by SingStar™ and Ultrastar Deluxe. Fully compatible with song files from UltraStar.

Since the original maintainers of Vocaluxe paused the development of Vocaluxe, I created an own fork of the original release-0.4.1 branch, because I prefer that version. I used this fork to add new features, which I need or I'm able to implement.

GitHub page:
Download and changelog:

My binaries need Windows 10 x64. If you need another target, please download the source and compile it using Visual Studio.
General Discussions / Re: Wlcome message to different server groups
« Last post by Stefan1200 on January 07, 2020, 06:29:43 AM »
Well, why you don't follow the manual and use the -updateconfig command? That would create all necessary config keys for you.
General Discussions / Re: Wlcome message to different server groups
« Last post by Sporranlegion on January 07, 2020, 02:03:57 AM »
That is the part I am not sure of, do I have to create a section similar to this...

# A comma separated list (without spaces) of server group ids.
# Depends on the given mode, this server groups can be ignored or only this server groups get this welcome message!
# If no server groups should be ignored, set no server groups here and select the group list mode ignore!
welcome_group_list =
# Select one of the two modes for the server group list.
# ignore = The selected server groups will be ignored and don't get this welcome message.
# only = Only the selected server groups get this welcome message.
welcome_group_list_mode = ignore
# A comma separated list (without spaces) of the total connection count (it's the same value as %CLIENT_TOTALCONNECTIONS% at the welcome message),
# when this message should be send to the client. Set this to -1 to show it every time.
# Ranges like 1-100, -20 (means 20 or less) or 100- (means 100 or more) are also possible.
welcome_showonconnectionnumber = -1
# A comma separated list (without spaces) of platform names (it's the same value as %CLIENT_PLATFORM% at the welcome message).
# Only selected platforms get the welcome message or leave this empty to send the welcome message to all platforms.
# Possible platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
welcome_platform_list =
# Select the message mode, how the client should get the message.
# poke or chat are valid values!
welcome_message_mode = poke
# Path to file which contains the welcome message.
welcome_file = %apphome%config/server1/welcomemessages.cfg

Or just add the paths to this section after the path to the welcome_file = %apphome%config/server1/welcomemessages.cfg
General Discussions / Re: Wlcome message to different server groups
« Last post by Stefan1200 on January 05, 2020, 05:38:52 PM »
Okay, and you put the right path to the file welcomemessages_members.cfg at welcome_members_file in the JTS3ServerMod config file?
General Discussions / Welcome message to different server groups
« Last post by Sporranlegion on January 05, 2020, 05:35:16 PM »
I have been trying to create different welcome messages for different server groups but with no success.

I have changed the server cfg file bot_functions to include WelcomeMessage:welcome_members and have written a new welcomemessages_members.cfg file in the config folder.

How do I activate this message in the server config file.

Thanks for taking the time to help.
Werden die Plugins noch verkauft? Auf Emails wird nicht geantwortet :)

Das habe ich auch leider schon bemerkt ... benötige das AcceptRules Plugin :-(
JTS3ServerMod Projects and Scripts from other people / Re: Docker image for JTS3ServerMod
« Last post by nmbrg on November 20, 2019, 12:25:30 PM »
How do i update the jts3servermod container to the latest version (when a new one is available)?
couldnt find any information on that.

EDIT: nevermind. i solved it..
The directories config and log are create by docker automatically in the same directory, where you executed the docker run command.

But JTS3ServerMod doesn't create config files on the first run. You have to create them on your own. Here is a basic example, what should be inside of your config directory:

This part is also described on the docker hub page of my docker image:
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