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JTS3Bot - Bot Interface - In development - Free to use
« on: March 11, 2019, 08:37:26 PM »
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Hello, everybody,
I would like to take the opportunity to show the current development of the interface, which is freely available for registration and use of 2 bots per user.
The goal since the beginning of this project is the complete modernization of the web interface.

What we offer:
  • The free registration of a user, as well as a TS-Bot (on request now more Bots can be allowed, depending on the real use)
  • The ongoing development of a Modern Web Interface
  • Encrypted transmission of user data as well as encrypted storage within the database
  • A daily backup of the whole system and a replication to 2 locations
  • Integration of a "live chat", trying to answer in as short a time as possible
  • Additional ranks, with extended functions
What to consider!
  • After the beta phase all user data will be deleted!
  • After the interface is provided on a dedicated domain, all data will be deleted, also there it will be available free of charge.
  • Additional plugins are already built in, but are not available¹
Most of the functions of the interface have already been adapted.
Since this is a "beta", I would be happy if you would leave some feedback.


It greets kindly

¹ = The premium functions can be activated for a certain period of time if:
  • The Premiun functions can be tested extensively
  • Regular feedback is given
If this is not the case, the functions are deactivated again.
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