Clanwarz is now hosting the JTS3ServerMod

Started by Jay, November 15, 2014, 01:06:23 PM

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JTS3Server Mod Adds 15 Functions To Your Teamspeak 3 Server

Voice servers are a necessity when you want to hop online and play with your clan or guild. It's an easy and functional way to talk to your team through a raid or while shooting the other team in a FPS. Clanwarz is a top provider for Teamspeak! Our voice servers are easy to set up and offer crystal clear voice quality.

We are proud to announce that we are now supporting the JTS3ServerMod for Teamspeak 3! This add on for TS3 is a multifunction server bot that attaches to TS3 that comes written in Java. The wonderful part of this mod are the added features it layers your server with; adding functionality to enhance the ease of your Teamspeak experience.

Having Clanwarz host your JTS3ServerMod TS3Bot will promote the progression and development of this TS3Bot as a portion of all payments are donated each month to the development of this TS3Bot. You'll be able to easily adjust your configuration with a config file. This mod allows you the ability to create a more fluid and enhanced experience on your TS3 voice server. As with all of our services, your new mod will be provided with clear voice chat that has an easy one-click automated install in over 36 locations worldwide! Within five seconds of ordering your server, you'll have access to your simple to use server. We are confident you will love our services so we offer every customer a 15 day money back guarantee!

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JTS3ServerMod TS3BOT created instantly, with a complete and custom control panel, for any Teamspeak 3 Server -


Now in total https - SSL security if you are loggin in from a network other then your own.